Community-based Early Childhood Centres

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Community-based early childhood centres are ones that are registered as Incorporated Societies.  They may be run by a group of parents, a charitable organisation, a church, or a public institution such as school, hospital, or university.  Kindergarten Associations are an example of incorporated society groups providing community-based early childhood centres.

The main differences between a community-based centre and other centres

A community-based early childhood centre operates for the benefit of the community it serves. The funding the centre receives from the government, the fees parents pay, and any donations stay with the centre/ incorporated society. In general, therefore, parents can expect fees to be lower at a community-based centre and teacher salaries and working conditions to be better compared with centres in their area that are private and for-profit.

Parents can choose to put their name forward for nomination to be involved in the centre’s management committee.

The centre manager and teaching staff all work for the management committee and families using the centre. Should there be something you are not happy about in the operation of the centre, or something that these is adversely affecting your child, you will find as a parent that your concerns are listened to, and the centre will be responsive. In contrast, the owners of private centres are not accountable to parents and parents generally are not involved in decision-making.

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