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About My Early Childhood Education (My ECE)

My ECE provides parents and the public of Aotearoa NZ with straightforward information on early childhood education (ECE).  It also supports parents and caregivers to form their own opinions and decide what is best for their child, along with having a greater say in the quality of ECE - because no one knows a child better than the child's parent or caregiver.

On this website you will find of a directory of many licensed ECE services.  Parents and caregivers are provided the opportunity to give positive and negative feedback, by adding their comments and ratings. Externally submitted reviews are one component of what is provided here to allow parents and caregivers to form their own opinions when choosing an early childhood service. 

Also shown on the listing pages for services is an outline of the standard features a service has or differs on. The results of any recent evaluations by the Ministry of Education and by the Education Review Office are included too. Bringing such information together in one place ensures that people have the basic information, even if they don't know what standard features to ask about or are not in a position to be able to talk with the service about them. Users can look up services within their geographical area, learn more about each, and compare services.

You will find articles on a range of topics, such as childcare fees and financial assistance, and why a child might bite other children and how the ECE service can be expected to respond.

There are also checklists, a guide to the early childhood regulations, the Code for Children's Rights in ECE, the Code of Conduct for ECE Services, and a form to use if you wish to make a complaint against a service. 

* My ECE is part of the Office of Pre-Primary Education and Childcare, along with ChildForum which is the national organisation for ECE services, policy advice and research.