Parent, Family and Whānau Complaint Form

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The Parent Complaint form contains 4 sections.

  • Parents to record their complaint and changes they would like to see happen.
  • The service to provide its response.
  • Parents and the service to record their agreement on a way forward.
  • Parents to indicate when the complaint has been resolved to their satisfaction.

Copies of this form may be provided by ECE services for parents to use (should they wish). ECE services need to make sure they have a complaints procedure that is known to parents, and parents are supported, not hindered, from speaking up and making a complaint.

There are options for reporting the service to the Ministry of Education or other agencies. Learn more: How to Make a Complaint and Options

Making a complaint direct to the service

A complaint may concern something that does not involve a breach of regulations, for example, your child is coming home without socks and your child’s socks are always going missing at the service. Should the problem concern something that you think the early childhood service could sort out itself, then direct your complaint to the person in-charge/manager and not to other staff.

By making the complaint in writing the service will need to give you a response and will not later be able to claim that you did not make a complaint or that it was just a little gripe that didn’t need to be acted on.  

Parent complaint form

You are welcome download and print copies for personal use or to make available for parents at your early childhood service.

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