Does your family live on the premises of a business such as a corner dairy that you run?

my mums a bus driverPerhaps you are an owner- driver for a courier company and your child enjoys going with you to many different locations and meeting different people? 

Maybe you work in an office environment with parents of other young children and so having a cot and  toys on site and flexible work hours is supported, or maybe you are the company boss and enjoy total say as to when your child is with you. 

Children can get a tremendous education just from observing and participating in their parent’s work.

When children are in the same building for childcare day after day they are in artificial world designed for children with little opportunity to participate in wider society - its great for their learning if they can participate in outside activities too and this includes adult and real-world activities.   

It is easier for parents who work for themselves to have their child with them as not all places of employment have family-friendly employment policies.

Some employers may frown on employees who have their baby or young child with them at work believing the employee to be less productive and of course, there are some work places such as an air traffic control tower where it is just not safe for a child to join their parent and the child’s safety and the safety of others need to be the first consideration.