20 Hours Free ECE1. Is your child's ECE service closed for a holiday or term break when you are needing childcare?

It is no problem to transfer your right to free 20 hours of childcare to another service. 

Just ask to record on the enrolment form of the service you wish to transfer the hours to, how many hours and days your child will be at the ECE service and the hours that your child will be attending that will be covered by 20 Hours ECE funding (i.e. that you are not to be charged for).


2. Are you moving city for a while but expect to return home sometime?  

Let your current service know so that it stops claiming funding for your child during the period that you are away.  

Record on the new enrolment form for the service you are transferring to, the hours and day that your child will be attending that will be covered by 20 Hours ECE funding. 

Before you move back home give your service warning and check that a place is available at the times you want.  Many services have vacancies and children leaving and coming so it should not be a problem. But have a back up plan just in case your service has a full roll and can not accept your child immediately.


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The reply to the following question: "When my child turned 3 we were asked if we wanted to sign up for the 20 hours and told it would mean a discount, so that we would pay about $80 for 21 hours of care. I was under the understanding that the 20 hours was fully subsidised, but the Manager told me that the Government lets the daycare decide what to do with the funding and that it can be used to offer a discount. A couple of my friends say that their daycare do the same.  My problem is that things got so awkward when I raised it the first time, that I don't want to raise it again with the Manager. Does the Ministry of Education regularly check on daycare charging practices? Or is the scheme run on trust?"

20 Hour funding rules that your service must comply with