1. A complaints procedure is prominently displayed for parents and visitors to follow if they are concerned a requirement is not being met. (Note that only the display of written information for parents about how they may complain is required and not directly giving parents written information on how to complain).


2. Complaints procedure includes how parents can contact their regional office of the Ministry of Education for information.  (Note that examples of when a parent may want to contact their regional office of the Ministry of Education, include: if concerned children’s needs are not being met; if concerned a centre is not meeting a minimum legal requirement; to request that a centre obtain a health report if concerned about hygiene; to query if staff or child access to a facility located outside the premises is adequate).


3. A centre may be directed by the Ministry of Education to obtain a health report to determine compliance with requirements related to:

  • Floor surfaces.
  • Art materials clean up facilities.
  • Lighting, ventilation, room temperature, water temperature, sounds levels.
  • Food and drink preparation, storage, serving.
  • Toileting, hand washing/ drying, nappy changing, privacy.
  • Managing hurt, sick, or soiled children.
  • Sleep furniture, linen, process.
  • General hygiene of premises, furniture, fixtures, fittings, equipment, and materials.
  • Animals.


Further Information for Parents

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

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