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What Parents Want

The most basic thing that every parent wants for their child is to be happy, and to come home alive and unharmed at the end of the day.

For me as a mum, I also want to know my child will experience a great environment for learning, thinking, play, and friendships. I look to see if the adults/ teachers have warmth, energy, genuine interest in my child and my child’s world, an ability to connect at a personal level with my child, and can say and do the right thing at the right moment to capture my child’s interest and promote involvement and understanding.


What Children Need

As they grow every child’s basic needs are for:

  • love and security,
  • new experiences and stimulation (including play and language),
  • support and recognition for what they do, and
  • independence and responsibility.

Also, keep in mind your child’s age, abilities, personality, interests, and health needs when choosing an early childhood service that will be good for your child.