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ECE as a Very Positive Experience

When reflecting on their experience of ECE, families mention different things. But, the one thing that comes through strongly is the importance of relationships – caring relationships and social connections. Here is a selection of quotes from families who have used different types of services.   

“This KINDY is the BEST! I looked at 8 pre-schools before choosing this one. If you drop your kids off, but decide to stay a while to play, they'll often offer you a cup of coffee (but you're welcome to go get one anyway). It's got kids from all walks of life and lots of cultures - which we love for our kids. There's good old-fashioned fun - like a rope swing, nails, hammers, and saws (I was terrified at the start - but my boys have loved creating items from the woodwork table).”

“Having had all four of our children come through playcentre until they left for school, I can only look back with very happy memories of a precious time in our lives. The friends I made through playcentre are still friends 4 years on and our children still have wonderful memories of the place where they, to this day, have a real sense of belonging.”

“In home-based education my children have routine just like they would if they were at home. My children have formed close relationships with the other children who are now like siblings. I have formed a strong relationship with the educator and often ask for guidance. My children are such cool kids and I truly believe that has a lot to do with her, helping me raise them.”

“My wife and I are so extremely pleased with the level of care and attention our daughter receives at the centre. The staff are super-friendly and so supportive. They made our daughter feel at home from day one and their communication is reassuring. She has the best time there, and they regularly go out on trips and special activities away from the premises.”

“You will often see the staff down on the ground with the kids, not standing over them. You can tell they really embrace the ethos of family and care. The children are their priority. I also love how you are welcomed into a wonderful community of children that learn how to care for one another. Not separated into age groups. It's a perfect setting for nurturing a child's development.”

“When arriving from out of town to spend time with our mokopuna, the teachers were very welcoming. Manaaki and aroha very much in evidence. The programme plan was explained and how our mokopuna strengths and interests were leading the teachers into the ongoing activities for the tamariki. Tino pai to mahi, and thanks for knowing our boy so well!!”

“The team of staff have a true passion for early education - instilling a real love of learning in the children, and providing continuous feedback to parents.”