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What is an Early Childhood Education Service?

Early childhood services are defined as those that are licensed under the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 for the care and education of three or more children under the age of six years.


Who Can Provide an Early Childhood Education Service?

Any individual person, community group, business, or corporation can set-up and run an ECE service, providing the service is approved and meets licensing requirements.


What is the Difference Between an ‘Early Learning’ and an ‘Education’ Service?

Education is about teaching and learning, and education involves care due to the young age of the children. Teachers inform, encourage and guide children’s learning whilst also providing highly skilled and sensitive care.    

In contrast early learning is something a child can do on their own without need for a planned curriculum or teaching. Early childhood services that promote themselves as early learning may be telling you that they are more about child-minding than education.  


Will my Child Achieve More Highly at School Because of Participating in ECE?

The answer to this question is that it depends on whether, and how much, the ECE service adds to what you are already providing for your child. 

Should your home be well-resourced with toys and books and space for your child to play, and if you or other family members have time to talk and play with your child and do things like cooking and grocery shopping together, then you are already providing a learning-enriched environment. 

Should you be tertiary educated you may be better educated than some or all the people who teach your child at an ECE service – parent education level has a significant influence on children’s educational achievement.