playcentre 1Playcentres are run as a parent co-operative and parents are expected to attend and participate for at least some of the time their child attends. Some playcentres also choose to employ paid supervisors.

A regional association and the national federation support each centre.

Children are accepted from birth although most first children do not start attending until at least one year of age.

Playcentres follow school terms and sessions typically run for two and a half hours in the morning. Some centres run slightly longer sessions while others have afternoon sessions. 

Parents are expected to attend sessions with their children until they are two and half years old, at which point most centres allow parents to drop their children off.

Most Playcentres have no qualified or registered teachers because they are run by parents/caregivers for parents/caregivers and children.  

Parents are offered opportunities for training in supporting children’s education and documenting learning. Many of the parents present will have completed and be undertaking early childhood playcentre courses. 

playcentre 2

Playcentre emphasises child-led learning and many centres do not follow strict schedules for morning tea or certain play times.

Term fees/charges are usually quite low (often lower than that of other types of services). 

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