1. Children have a safe and hygienic place to sit when eating.


2. Children are supervised when eating. (Note that the criterion requires supervision of children when eating but doesn't legally require supervision to minimise choking hazards or for noticing allergic reactions, in other words supervision attention could be focussed on anything).


3. Food is prepared, served, and stored hygienically.


4. Ample drinking water is available to children at all times and children who are capable can access it independently.


5. Infants under 6 months old and other children unable to drink independently are held semi-upright when fed.


6. Infant milk food given to a child under 12 months old is a type approved by the child’s parent.


7. Cooking facilities and kitchens cannot be accessed by children without adult assistance or supervision.


8. Cooking facilities and kitchen hazards are managed to minimise risk.


9. Cooking facilities or kitchen are kept hygienic and have:

  • Means for keeping perishable food less than 4 degrees and protected from vermin and insects.
  • Means to cook or heat food, e.g. oven, microwave oven.
  • Means to hygienically wash dishes.
  • A sink with hot water tap.
  • Food preparation surfaces that are easily kept hygienic.


10. To meet children’s nutritional needs food is served:

  • At appropriate times.
  • That is of sufficient variety, quantity, and quality.

(Note that without a statement of how frequently food should be served, a variation in centre practices in this regard is permitted. Some centres provide a scheduled time for lunch but a child may not be hungry at the scheduled time or be hungry before the scheduled time. Other centres provide a rolling lunch during which children can come and go from the lunch table but this can mean that children who are absorbed in their play can miss eating and later in the day have lower than usual energy levels).


11. Where food is provided by parents the centre encourages and promotes healthy eating.


12. Records of the last 3 months are kept of all food that the centre provides during hours of service (excludes food provided by parents).  (Note that while the requirement states that the record can exclude food provided by parents, if it is food given by a parent to the centre to give out to children (e.g. a birthday cake) then this possibly could be interpreted as food provided by the centre because it’s not provided by the parent only for his/her child).


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