Wall of shame

To be on the Early Childhood Education Wall of Shame a service must have had a major reported incident showing that the standard or ethic of care was below what society in general considers to be acceptable.  

Note that over time the service may uplift practices, or owners or staff may change. Therefore it is possible for a service that is on the Wall of Shame in one year to later be entered into the Hall of Excellence    


The 2020 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

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The 2019 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

Evolve Education - Evolve Education has 128 centres and 2,244 staff. The Evolve Education 2019 annual report shows its CEO was paid a base salary of $450,000 and a recognition payment of $100,000.  It has 13 senior managers, including one on just over $390,000 and three on between $220,000 and $360,000. A total of $472,000 was also paid out in director’s fees. Evolve's directors and senior executives rightly expect fair remuneration for their professional skills. But, the amount of expenditure on upper-management remuneration alone means a lot less taxpayer funding is available to be spent at centre level on children and on teacher wages.  Evolve's professionally qualified teachers are paid less than their peers in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. 

New Shoots Children’s Centre in Cameron Road, Tauranga. In 2018, it was found by the Ministry of Education to be operating in breach of minimum legal standards and had its licence downgraded after a child escaped from the centre unnoticed. In late 2019 the centre had its licence downgraded to a provisional licence again. A child broke their collarbone playing on non-compliant equipment. The centre claimed it did not see the incident. It did not report the incident to the Ministry of Education. The child's parents informed the Ministry of Education by making a formal complaint and the Ministry investigated and downgraded the service's licence again. In early 2020 another family who complained about safety and supervision had their child's enrolment at the centre terminated. 


The 2018 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

Sealey Street Childcare, Thames. This centre had its licence to operate withdrawn by the Ministry of Education following investigation of complaints of abuse of children at the centre. Allegations included children being shut in a back room, withholding of food, restraining children at tables, shaming and bullying children, force-feeding, putting children into cots they could not get out of (effectively locking them in), putting children to bed as a method of punishment, forcefully holding children down on beds for up to an hour while other children watched, and dragging and rough handling children.  Read more


The 2017 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

Porse In-home Childcare. 
1. In the Hawke's Bay a 63 year-old Porse educator badly injured a 6-month boy by shaking him on one occasion before returning to her care and then on a second occasion. It was after the second occasion that experts discovered old blood on the baby's brain as well as new blood.

2. In Christchurch a 24 year-old Porse educator shook a 5-month-old baby girl twice, leaving her with brain injuries, a broken arm and detached retinas. Police initially investigated the girl's parents before the educator admitted her actions. The Judge said the educator was in a job where she was seriously out of her depth: "You simply didn't cope with the responsibilities placed on you".

Little Monkeys Preschool, 10 Pascal Street, Palmerston North. A 20-month old died of a brain bleed at hospital following attendance at the centre. His parents were reported to have noticed that he was not well when they picked him up - so took him straight to hospital. Initial reporting was that the toddler had fallen from, or when trying to climb onto, an adult-sized chair. The preschool's owner said that no one had observed such an event happening - staff had only seen him laying on his back crying beside a large table in the preschool room. Four months later the Ministry of Education checked the centre after it received a complaint. The ministry noted some issues: "a sick or injured child was put on an adult chair and then not supervised" and "the infants and toddlers were in the preschool play space where the resources and equipment are not suitable or safe for their learning and ability".  In regard to the 20-month old's death, the Ministry of Education concluded it could find no evidence that the preschool did not follow health and safety procedures.  It recommended the centre undertake a review in regards to active supervision, to learn what active supervision looks like to ensure it is practised. It also urged the centre to review the use of adult table and chairs, and appropriateness of this especially for children under 2-years.   


The 2016 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

Bright Sparks Airport Childcare Centre, 77 Aintree Avenue, Mangere, Auckland.  An 8-month old suffered third-degree burns to his back when being bathed. His parents were not contacted by the centre and told what happened and no immediate medical care was sought by the centre for the infant. The injury resulted in hospitalisation.  The temperature valve on the tap was reported to have been faulty. On investigation the Ministry of Education found several other safety breaches and problems in the management culture of the centre. 

Discoveries Educare, 29 Gillies Ave, Newmarket, Auckland. A rotten tree in the centre's playground fell on four children. One child had critical injuries, one had serious injuries and the other two had moderate injuries and were taken to Starship Hospital.  The centre owners were prosecuted by WorkSafe. 

Angels Childcare Centre A 4 year-old died in the playground. He had plastic stilts on the slide and the cord of the stilts got caught around his neck. Ropes and such equipment should not be permitted to be used on slides because of the risk of strangulation. The incident was not seen by staff, but brought to the attention of staff by another child. The child's mother said at the time of the incident before it was investigated: "Every time when I went to pick him from childcare, I always saw him sitting inside watching TV or drawing. I hardly saw him playing outside. That's why we are wondering how it happened and how we lost our little one."

Little Lights Kindy  56 B Mountain Road, Western Heights, Rotorua. Children under 2-years were given raw apple to eat (it was not boiled or grated). One toddler choked and nearly died. He suffered permanent injury and is unable to talk and move any part of his body.