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1) Copyright and Trademark Protection

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2) Submitting Comments, Moderation of Comments, and Right of Reply

My ECE™ will not be held liable for any comments submitted by third parties or visitors to the site and published on the My ECE™ website. An organisation, group, or individual that disagrees with what is said in a published comment(s) and believes this to be an incorrect 'opinion' is welcome to reply to the comment(s) and provide the 'facts'. 

My ECE™ reserves the right to edit, moderate and delete comments submitted on-line, without explanation or apology.

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3) Reliance on Information and Advice

No responsibility or liability is accepted for the accuracy of the information and published materials on this website. Independent and/or legal advice should be sought before taking any action in reliance of any information or views expressed by My ECE™ and on the My ECE™ website. Any person or organisation relying on any information and published materials obtained in or accessed through the My ECE™ website does so at their own risk.

Please assist us in keeping the information up-to-date by telling us of information that has become outdated.

My ECE™will not be responsible for any errors.  If you notice an error please inform us and provide details so the error can be corrected. 

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4) Links to, or with, third party websites

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You are welcome to create a link to My ECE™ on your website, but the link must not be presented in any context which implies My ECE™ endorses your site or your products or services.


5) Advertiser and non-My ECE products and services

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My ECE™ can make changes at any time, for legal or administrative reasons, to the Terms and Conditions Statement. 

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