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Why Shopper Reviews?  The reviews published on this page are written by parents and highlight for all parents the different things to check for and questions to ask when choosing an ECE service.  

Submit a review: If you have a young child and are currently looking for care Contact us and let us know you are interested in being a reviewer. 


Clear, straight-forward information is given here in these broad-ranging articles on child health, care, safety and well-being.  We won't try to cover up any unpleasant truths because as a parent you need to know the good and the bad so you can be the best help and support to your child that you can be.  

Let us know if there is a topic that you would like to see covered here.  

The articles in this section will help to take away the mystery on educational matters. Many more articles will be added in the coming months. Let us know if there is a particular topic you would like covered.   

Charging practices vary across the different types of ECE services and between individual services.  The information in the many articles in this section will help to inform you about your rights and also your financial obligations.

This section is in development.  Watch this space. More of the most wonderful and greatest activities of all time for children will be shown here, with tips and guidance for adults. 

Is it becoming a struggle to sort out care arrangements? There are many different options.  See the variety of options and information contained in the articles below. 

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Topics covered are: 

  • Making a Start to Getting Your Ducks in Row
  • What is Early Childhood Education and Early Learning? 
  • Personal Options for Childcare and Early Learning
  • What Children Need 
  • The Licensing System 
  • ECE Services
  • A Sample of Concerns Parents Can Have When Deciding to Use ECE or Not 
  • Costs and Financial Assistance 
  • Beginning your Search 
  • My ECE Checklist for Choosing an ECE Service
  • What makes up Quality ECE 
  • The My ECE Code of Children’s Rights in Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • The Benefits and Risks of ECE for Children 
  • Education Curriculum: Te Whāriki 
  • Key Teacher / Primary Caregiver 
  • Preparing for Take Off 
  • Looking Out for Your Child 
  • Speaking Up When Something is Wrong 
  • The Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Services 
  • It’s a Feeling… Knowing it is Right 

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Rate and Review Your Child's Early Childhood Service

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