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On this page will progressively provide the names of early childhood services that in 2018:

  1. The Education Review Office found to have one or more areas of non-compliance.
  2. The Ministry of Education found non-compliance and
  • had its full licence reclassified to provisional until such time as the Ministry was  satisfied it was operating in full compliance with minimum standards. 
  • had its licence suspended so it had to shut while making improvements.
  • had its licence cancelled/ was closed by the Ministry of Education.


Why publish the names of services known to have licence breaches in 2018

The main purpose of the information presented below is to support you as a parent in making an informed choice when choosing care and education for your child or an early childhood service that your family and whanau can be involved in.

Should your early childhood service be shown as having breached minimum standards requirements, it is better for you to know this than not to know. 

Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of providing quality early childhood education and care for children and families.

Ask your service what it failed on and why - are you concerned about this as a parent or family member?  If it was something that you find concerning, ask what improvements have been made and what has been put in place to make sure that standards do not slip again or that a similar problem does not reoccur.

Some other ways that this information might help

  • Gossip within communities can be more harmful to a service's reputation than being open about what's happened. When a service is open about its compliance history, is accountable to its families and community and can show what changes or improvements have been made, trust and confidence in it builds.  
  • Teachers applying for jobs and people putting themselves forward as volunteers and board members may find the information helpful in making an informed decision and to know to check on any remediation and changes that have been made before becoming involved. 
  • Mum and dad investors in early childhood education businesses may not otherwise be aware of or know to ask about a service's compliance history and issues, and then be hit with unexpected costs to bring a service up-to-scratch. 

The roles of the Ministry of Education and Education Review Office and background information

A provisional licence is issued when an early learning service (sic 'early childhood service') isn't meeting the Ministry's licensing standards. Severity of the breaches is taken into consideration. This includes if there are immediate risks to the health and safety of children and the total number of regulatory breaches. (Ministry of Education quote 14/6/2018)

The Ministry of Education is responsible for licensing early childhood services and ensuring every service meets minimum standards in practice as prescribed by law. It is the regulator.  

The Education Review Office is a government agency that functions to provide written reports on how well placed early childhood services and schools are to contribute to children's learning and promote children's well-being. Reviewers normally visit an early childhood service every 3 to 4 years (unless it received a poor report and then the next visit might be in 1 or 2 years time) and reviews focus on the service provider's documentation and systems.

The Education Review Office is not legally required to inform the Ministry of any known or alleged breaches it discovers.

As explained previously, the Ministry does not follow nor have a schedule for inspections. Regular unannounced spot checks of early childhood services are not undertaken. (read more).

Ministry Deputy Secretary Katrina Casey said that it was because of 41 complaints made to it against services that it was alerted to licence breaches at 31 services leading to licence reclassification to provisional in 2017.

From June 2016 the Ministry began regular monthly checking of confirmed ERO reports to compile a list of services where ERO had come across licence breaches. It also gets the heads-up about possible compliance issues when there is a news report in the media of a serious incident or the service itself reports an incident. 

To sum up, the Ministry takes a reactive approach. It places full trust in service providers to meet all requirements all of the time and assumes that service providers know and have a correct understanding of the regulations and rules they are expected to meet. 

It should be noted that the services shown below as having had regulation breaches in 2018 are only those that are known and there could be others that the Ministry and ERO have not identified.   


Do you know of an early childhood service that should be listed here but isn't?

Inform the Ministry of Education if you know of an early childhood service that was not meeting basic standards in 2018 (if not named below) by submitting a complaint (learn more here)

You can view the minimum education requirements for early childhood centres here - the requirements for home-based, hospital-based, and kohanga reo services are similar to the general requirements for early childhood centres but there is some variation reflecting differences in premises and purpose.

 Confidential help for parents and others 
to make a complaint – go to more information

Disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information below is correct, but it has been difficult to compile from Ministry and ERO sources and there is a chance of error. Should you notice an error or an omission please let My ECE know asap through our contact page so any necessary corrections can be made. Thank you.

Note that My ECE takes no responsibility for how the information below may be used.  


Service name*
and location
Ownership   Areas the service failed to meet minimum standards Did ERO identify non-compliance when it reviewed the service?  Was the service put onto a provisional licence and for how long?   Was the licence suspended?  Was the licence to operate cancelled and the service closed?   Licence ID number for the service 
Go Bananas Childcare 

Private business Complaints made in November 2017 included allegations of children witnessing management yelling at staff and threatening staff if they talk to others about the centre. The ministry found breaches in areas of: Curriculum, Premises and facilities, Child health and safety.  No Yes in May 2018  No  No  46507
Kids Count Pukekohe
 Private business Complaints made included allegations of poor food hygiene and handling, inadequate staff appraisal system, child assessment and curriculum. The ministry found breaches in areas of: Management, Child health and safety, Premises and facilities, Curriculum. ERO has not reviewed this centre Yes in Sept 2018  No  No  47257
Little Monkeys
Palmerston North
Private business Complaint made in March 2018 alleged a 20 month old child fell from an adult chair in Nov 2017 at the centre and parents were not called or told. Toddler died (following a brain bleed and cardiac arrest in hospital) it is believed from an injury to the head consistent with a fall during the day. The ministry found:  (to be advised). No Yes in March 2018 No No 46051
Magic Sparks Milson
Palmerston North
Private business Complaint made in August 2018 alleged management did not respond to a complaint that a teacher rough-handled a child, parents were not alerted and the accused teacher was not stood down pending investigation  No. ERO judged it to be "well-placed" in Dec 2017. Yes in August 2018 for 15 days No No 40237
Sealey Street Childcare
Private business Complaints made included allegations of seclusion, withholding food, forced sleep, rough handling, verbal bullying of children. The ministry found breaches in areas of: Premises and facilities, Curriculum, Management, Inappropriate child behaviour management strategies No. ERO judged it as "well placed" and did not find non-compliance   -  Yes  Yes  45956



* The names of services that failed to fully meet regulations in 2018 are public information. 

  1. Under the education regulations the licence a service holds must be prominently displayed. Should a service be placed on a provisional licence it must display this and attending families should/would know of the licence change.   
  2. ERO publishes confirmed reports on early childhood services showing the ones it identified as having regulation breaches. 

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