"A fast change of ownership at a Claudelands early childhood centre has upset parents, but the new owner says it was done by the book and the kids are the first priority", reports the Waikato Times.

.The new owners took over at close of business on Friday and most staff were replaced with new staff. 

"I was really upset and it has been an emotional week," mother Sarah Calder said.

"The fact that it's sold isn't the issue. The issue is the fast turnover and lack of transition for the kids with new teachers."

Parents thought highly of the current staff and wanted transition time for their children instead of a big change from one week to the next, she said.

They were sad to see teachers with strong relationships with their kids leave and not to meet the new ones before they started.

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Some reactions

I totally agree the transition process sounds less than ideal. At our centre we work hard to make sure children and parents are comfortable with the transition from nursery to preschool and then from preschool to school. Relationships with the teachers are very important for children. We have a primary care system and our children miss their special teacher when they are away for any reason. I think it would be very difficult for them to arrive and have lots of new faces.