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About My ECE

My ECE provides parents and the public of Aotearoa NZ with straightforward information on early childhood education (ECE), and it supports parents and caregivers to form their own opinions when choosing an early childhood service.

The My ECE website includes a National Register of ECE Services. Parents and caregivers are provided the opportunity to give positive and negative feedback, by adding their comments and ratings to services in the Register. The reviews support other families to form their own opinions and can inspire services to improve and keep doing well.   


The Author

Dr Sarah Alexander is a highly qualified early childhood teacher, teacher educator, and a former university academic in child development and educational psychology.

She is an international expert in the field of ECE and has researched, published, and spoken extensively on issues of how to define, measure, and improve quality. 

Sarah has five children (three girls and two boys) and so from a parenting viewpoint she is familiar with the joys and tribulations of relying on early childhood education. 

As the Chief Advisor to the Office of Early Childhood Education, Sarah works closely with the early childhood sector and helps to keep the public, policy makers and officials informed on ECE matters.