Wall of shame

There are well in excess of 4,000 government licensed early childhood services in NZ.

The majority work ethically and professionally to provide a standard of care that meets or exceeds minimum standards.  

Unfortunately from time to time there is an early childhood service whose practices and treatment of children and/or staff is such that eventually there is a serious incident/s and this is brought to light.  

To be on the Early Childhood Wall of Shame a service is one where a child or children have been seriously hurt or abused and where practices were found/ reported to be far below the standard expected by the early childhood profession.  

Often, but not always, the service owner or provider has accepted no or little responsibility - meaning that there is a risk of the underlying causes or reasons leading to harm remaining.

Note that over time the service owners and/ or staff may change and just because a service is on the Wall of Shame one year does not mean that it will continue to be so in future years. Also, the service may receive professional help to uplift the quality of practices.

It is possible for a service that is on the Wall of Shame in any one year to change and work toward entering the Hall of Excellence the following year.      



2016 Early Childhood Wall of Shame 

Bright Sparks Airport Childcare Centre, Mangere, Auckland