Discussing with teacher1 star Parent Survey


The hallmark of an early childhood service committed to serving children to the best of its ability is listening to and involving parents and caregivers. 

Regularly carrying out a parent survey is a key way of gaining parent feedback and involving parents not only in having a say about the service but also in their child's care, education, and quality of experience.

The NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience©ChildForum is a purpose-built survey.  To register for it go to the Survey page here.

This survey instrument was expertly constructed following an extensive review of research on child care quality and effective teaching. The survey instrument was trialled and tested, and it has established validity. It is thus a purpose-built survey able to be used by all types of early childhood services.

Further, any risk of the service choosing to report only parent responses that are favourable to it is reduced because the results are independently collated and reported back to the service to share with its staff, families and community.

To be awarded a Star for 'Parent Survey' the service must have surveyed its families using the My ECE approved NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience within the last 2 years

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