Vision Statement

There is early childhood education where the focus is on looking good or image and making money with little concern for children as people – at best this provides a safe ‘holding pen’ and at worst it is harmful to children mentally, emotionally and physically. 

What we strive for is early childhood education that consistently delights and that parents / caregivers are happy to recommend to their closest of friends.  This is remarkable quality ECE! 

Such remarkable early childhood education is underpinned by a personal and collective commitment to excellence within early childhood services. Excellence is a willingness to learn, an openness to critique, and a means of fulfilling a special obligation to children and families to serve them with respect, honesty and integrity. Essential to the achievement of this though is a positive work place culture, good working conditions for staff who are well-paid, and a service leader who cultivates proactive attitudes and respects all team member contributions  

~ Dr Sarah Alexander (ChildForum, 2015)


Listings in the My ECE Directory and submitting corrections

All recognised and publicly-funded ECE services licensed with the Ministry of Education may be included in the My ECE directory. Should your service be a new one or should you not find a listing for your service, please let My ECE know and nominate your service for inclusion. 

Should a service's rating for a feature be incorrect or out-of-date, please inform MY ECE.  Provide evidence (e.g. the date of the last ERO report and a copy if it is not available yet online. To show the percentage of qualified teachers provide copies of the two last funding claims showing the service is on the 80%+ funding band). 


How to rate and review a service that you visited or that your child is attending or used to attend

It is very easy.  It is much easier to rate and review a service than it sounds.

Go to the service’s listing on My ECE, scroll to the end of the listing and click on the ‘Write Review' blue button. A pop-up box will show on your screen. 

  • Enter the name of the service in the title area. 
  • Type your review in the review area.
  • Click on the number of Stars (1 to 5) you want to give the service on the features of pricing, support, staffing and environment. 
  • Add a few words on what you particularly like about the service - and then a few words on what you don't like about it.
  • Enter your name and email address.  Your email address must be entered but it will be treated as strictly confidential and will not display. 
  • Make sure you click on the blue 'Submit Review' button before closing the page. 


What if I disagree with a review?

You are welcome to add a comment in reply to a comment that a user has posted. You must use your real name in leaving a reply and state the particular comment you are replying to. Replies must directly concern the content of the posted comment and not be for the purpose of self-promotion or advertising. Please be respectful of the person’s views and experiences you are responding to.

Because the user rating system is not designed to allow for replies to be published directly under a user’s review  – if the reply is from the owner/manager/or person working at the early childhood service we may publish it within the My ECE review box at the top of the page.  Replies from parents and other users may be published as separate submitted reviews.