When you decided to have a child you may not have realised you were also signing up to be your child’s full-time entertainer and this can be exhausting. 

If you are working part-time from home it can also be challenging to give your child full attention all of the time.  A solution can be to connect with a family you like who has a child of similar age and discuss possibilities for shared child-care.

This usually works by each family providing childcare for a set number of hours. So, for example, you may provide childcare on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other family may provide it on Thursdays or Fridays or you may provide childcare for one or several mornings a week and the other family provides afternoon childcare. 

No money changes hands.  It is childcare but for children it does not seem like childcare because it is more like going on a play-date with a friend at their friend’s house and children are included fully as a member of the family.

Learn more about informal arrangements by watching the short video below.