Specialised equipment like the Roman Arch is available at Montessori CentresSome centres are run on a particular teaching philosophy. The most common of these are Rudolph Steiner and Montessori pre-schools.

These centres follow the guiding principles behind these philosophies, which often mean children are taught in a different style to other ECE centres.

Most Rudolph Steiner and Montessori centres accept children from the age of three. Although most children in New Zealand start school at age five, Steiner and Montessori philosophy suggests keeping a child at pre-school for longer.  

Many Steiner centres have an emphasis on free play, use natural materials and toys, and grow and cook vegetables straight from their gardens.

Montessori centres on the other hand provide children with choices of structured activities and materials and the emphasis is on order and independent learning.

Specialised equipment such as the Roman Arch (pictured) is a distinguishing feature of Montessori centres.

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