maori flax weavingSome early childhood education centres are aligned with certain cultures such as Maori, Chinese, or Pasifika.

These centres are often found in communities with high proportions of families from these backgrounds.

Some like Te Kōhanga Reo emphasise the use of the home language, while others work in English but encourage the inclusion of cultural practices.

Many of these centres are community- based and have low fees to support all families to participate regardless of income. 


A special note about Nga Kōhanga Reo

Nga Kōhanga Reo are unique and these language nests provide more than an ECE service. This was recognised in a report by the Waitangi Tribunal (October 2012).

The Tribunal found that the Government had failed to promote the benefits of Te Kōhanga Reo as a way of preserving the language and failed to accurately measure its achievement. Classification of it as an ECE service under the Ministry of Education had led to discrimination in funding and the imposition of regulations that were not always helpful or appropriate.