What Makes an Early Childhood Service a Quality One

quality formula duck imageThe Quality Formula reprinted below comes from The New Zealand Parent Guide to Childcare and Education Services - birth to 6 years by Dr Alexander. 

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The Quality Formula  

1. Not too many babies or children

2. Laughter, fun, and every child and family member feels accepted and respected

3. Teachers / carers really want to be there and love their work

4. Heaps of play space inside and outside

5. Variety of play areas and materials, including children’s and adult activities such as cooking and gardening, within the outdoor and indoor spaces

6. Safe noise levels maintained

7. High attention to correct hand-washing and hygiene practices

8. Children’s interests, personality and family values known and appreciated

9. Always something on offer so more choices and less down-time (passive watching, aimless wandering, sitting in front of screens, sitting in vehicles)

10. Lots of talking, discussion, and building of shared memories

11. Children’s personal privacy and space respected, such as when using the bathroom or wanting to play in peace without interruption

12. Cuddles and affection shown to children

And add to this…

13. Adults well trained in young children’s care, development and learning (ECE degree or diploma qualified) unless children’s parents work in the service and provide the care and education

14. Adults who hold expectations for children’s learning and development

15. Adults who seek help, information and resources to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching, methods of care and response to the individual needs of children and their family.


=  A quality early childhood service in which children will thrive and an early childhood service parents find truly remarkable and recommend highly to others for many years after leaving


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Find the childcare that is right for you

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