Te Kahui Iti Nei O Te Kopu

How many stars: 2 Stars
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Street or Road: 38 Tahuna Pa Road, Karioitahi
Location: Waiuku
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Ownership: This service is not-for-profit and operated by a community trust, incorporated society or association
Ages of children: Licensed to care for children from infancy
Practises Gender Equality: This service has an all-female team teaching and caring for children (please let us know if you find this has changed and there are now male teachers on the permanent staff too)
Education Review Office report: The last report was in 2017 and it was most positive
Ministry of Education Licence ID number: 25433
Qualified teaching staff: Under 80% of the teachers counted within the minimum ratio for the number of children hold a practising certificate recognised for teaching in NZ
Additional Information:

The Education Review Office says:  "The environment is well resourced and provide activities to challenge and engage children. Adults initiate conversations, provide regular support and praise and encourage children as they work. The open plan indoor environment is attractive, colourful and inviting. The outdoors is spacious and allows children to explore freely. Children are free to follow their own interests. They have opportunities to attend activities on their marae."

My ECE Rating of this Service:

Two-Star Rating (2 out of 5 stars)


  • Service Size: The service operates on a small and personal scale for children and families. It is what we call a 'boutique' early childhood service.
  • Education Review Office report: The latest ERO report for this service was a positive one (or ERO has yet to make a report available on this service).


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Entrant in the Wall of Shame: NO
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