Rise & Shine Childcare Centre Mangere

ECE Service Category: Childcare & Kindergarten Centres

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OWNERSHIP: This service is a privately operated business e.g. it is owned by a sole trader, partnership, company or private trust
Street or Road: 77 Aintree Avenue, Mangere
Location: Auckland
Phone: contact number is not available for new enrolments
AGE RANGE: Licensed to care for children from infancy
NUMBER OF CHILDREN: 51 or more children. This is a mega licensed early childhood centre. Check that small family-like group sizes are maintained, and not large classes. It is important for children's learning and emotional wellbeing to consistently have the same teachers everyday. No child should feel or be 'lost in the crowd'.
IS THIS SERVICE HIGHLY PARENT RATED?: No it is not. Before choosing a service you want to know if it comes highly recommended by other users. Check out the reviews posted below - are there any? Does it have at least 5 recent positive reviews if a small centre, or 10 if a mega-sized centre or a home-based service
WARNING: In 2019 or 2020 this service was not meeting the minimum standards required by law. The Ministry of Education downgraded its licence until improvements were made.

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Formerly known as Bright Sparks Childcare Airport the centre has rebranded and is now Rise & Shine Childcare Centre, Mangere.

When it was known as Bright Sparks, an 8 month old suffered third-degree burns to his back when being bathed. His parents were not contacted by the centre and told what happened and no immediate medical care was sought by the centre for the infant. The injury resulted in hospitalisation. The temperature valve on the tap was reported to have been faulty. On investigation the Ministry of Education found several other safety breaches and problems in the management culture. The centre was placed on a provisional licence and the licence was then extended for a further period awaiting the centre making satisfactory improvements. The Ministry of Education issued it with a full licence again after providing the centre with intensive support to meet minimum standards. Read a parent's story 

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