Open Spaces Preschool Academy

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Google map:
Street or Road: 592 Ngunguru Road
Location: Kiripaka
Phone: Sorry, this service has not yet registered its contact phone number for parents with My ECE
Email this Service:

Sorry, the contact details for this service are not registered with My ECE yet

Ownership: This service is a privately operated business e.g. it is owned by a sole trader, partnership, company or private trust
Ages of children: From infants to 5 or 6yrs
Teachers of both genders: Unfortunately for children teachers of only one gender are known to be employed and present during the hours the service is opened (or at home-based agencies there are not male and female visiting teachers). If you find there are now male and female teachers please let My ECE know to update this information
A specialist early intervention service?: No this is a mainstream service
Education Review Office report: The last report was in 2017 and it was most positive
Ministry of Education Licence ID number: 10196
Qualified teaching staff: 80% or more of the teachers counted within the minimum ratio for the number of children hold a practising certificate recognised for teaching in NZ
Additional Information:

This is a rural centre licensed for up to 30 children.


My ECE Rating of this Service:

Three-Star Rating (3 out of 5 stars)


  • Qualified Staff: This service has a higher proportion of qualified or trained teachers/ educators. (Centres with 80% or more qualified teachers within the legal minimum staffing requirement. Home-based services and Playcentres on a higher funding rate for educator training).
  • Service Size: The service operates on a small and personal scale for children and families. It is what we call a 'boutique' early childhood service.
  • Education Review Office report: The latest ERO report for this service was a positive one (or ERO has yet to make a report available on this service).


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Parents rating of service: Insufficient positive reviews from parents / caregivers
Entrant in the Wall of Shame: NO
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Entrant in the Hall of Excellence: No
More Info on Hall of Excellence: Hall of Excellence

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