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Ownership: This service is part of a state or public organisation
Street or Road: 10 Canning Crescent, Mangere
Location: Auckland
Phone: This service has not yet registered its contact phone number for parents with My ECE
Ages of children: Licensed to care for children from infancy
Group / Centre Size: The centre operates on a small and personal scale for children and families. It is licensed for 50 or fewer children. It is what we call a 'boutique' early childhood centre.
Qualified teaching staff: 80% to 100% of teaching staff are qualified teachers (according to funding claimed from the Ministry of Education, last updated beginning of 2020).
Has male and female teaching staff: In 2019 the teaching team was, known to have been usually or all of the time, women only. (Note that it is best to have gender balance with children being taught and cared for by both men and women. In Home-based ECE this criterion relates to visiting teachers only)
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COMPLIANCE warning: Don't worry - this service did not receive a licence downgrade for non-compliance with the Education (ECE) Regulations or licensing requirements last year or the year before.
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Is this service in the Wall of Shame?: NO. This service is not in the Wall of Shame. To see the services that are, go to the Wall of Shame page.
Ministry of Education Licence ID number: 25430

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1.9 based on 2 reviews
Pretty good

On 20 Nov 2020, M wrote:

I have been sending my child here since Feb 2020, the environment is good for children who like being outdoor and there are some cool teachers who are nice and set a real Whānau type of environment. My child loves being here and has come out of their comfort zone.
There are some things that could be better but that’s for a lot of places. Maybe some more resources? The price is cheap too and they accept WINZ payments.
The kai is mean, my child has grilled fish and kumara chips or avocado Mac n cheese so at least you know your child’s going to have a healthy yummy kai.
M likes: The kai, Whānau setting, learning

On 16 Nov 2018, Lisa wrote:

Came in to have a look around this center today and have to say i wasn't impressed, Staff looked totally stressed out, babies crying, food all over the floor with babies crawling all over it and when i asked for a enrollment pack the rude teacher said they dont know where they are and we dont have an administrator or a manager.
Lisa dislikes: almost everything