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Ownership: This service is not-for-profit and operated by a community trust, incorporated society or association
Street or Road: 46 Wilson Street, Newtown
Location: Wellington
Phone: contact number is not available for new enrolments
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Ages of children: Licensed to care for children from infancy
Group / Centre Size: The centre operates on a small and personal scale for children and families. It is licensed for 50 or fewer children. It is what we call a 'boutique' early childhood centre.
Qualified teaching staff: 80% to 100% of teaching staff are qualified teachers (according to funding claimed from the Ministry of Education, last updated beginning of 2020).
Shows Children that Men Can Teach and Care for Young Children Too: In 2019 the teaching team was, known to have been usually or all of the time, women only. (Note that it is best to have gender balance with children being taught and cared for by both men and women. In Home-based ECE this criterion relates to visiting teachers only)
Highly Parent Rated: THIS SERVICE CANNOT YET BE CLASSIFIED AS A HIGHLY RATED SERVICE. (To be so it needs to have a number of recent positive reviews - at least 5 positive if a small centre, or 10 if a mega-centre or a home-based service)
Entrant in the Hall of Excellence: Not yet
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Compliance with Regulations & Minimum Standards: It has a clean record. It was not downgraded to a provisional or suspended licence by the Ministry of Education last year (if you want to check on its history before 2019 go to more info below)
Find out more on the service's history of compliance: Go to the full lists for 2019 and earlier years to check
Education Review Office report: The last report was in 2015 and it was most positive
Ministry of Education Licence ID number: 60359

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4.0 based on one review
Quality Child Educare

On 5 Sep 2018, Tash wrote:

Our children have attended 4 different childcare centres in Wellington, and of the 4, I can really only say 2 of them provided quality child-educare services.This centre is one of those quality child-educare services.
The teachers are amazing and portray great values with a natural and warm-hearted approach which contributes to the safe and engaging environment provided for the children. My 2yr old has displayed a keen interest in books (doesn't know how to read yet though, but knows images in the book), loves to sing and dance, can count to 10 and knows her whole ABC. She can also hold a decent conversation for her age with a good level of understanding. Alot of her learnings has been strongly influenced at this centre which is definitely noticeable especially when comparing between centres across the level of learnings displayed by my children over the years. This tells me that my child is happy and engaged.
The premises unfortunately are not the greatest in comparison to other centres, however, given that it is near the CBD, extra space/land is a luxury. The centre is still functional and works for the way they operate.
Overall, given the quality of care and love the children receive, this centre is amongst the more affordable range of childcare centres currently being provided to date in Wellington and is definitely Value for Money, especially given its location.
I would HIGHLY recommend this centre for anyone looking for an affordable yet quality centre near the CBD
Tash likes: The teachers, The affordable childcare costs, The values
Tash dislikes: The premises / centre layout, The hours, Wished it was on the north side of the CBD

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