Are you keen to find out what your child's new entrant (reception class) teacher will want to see that your child knows and can do before your child is moved up into the Year 1 class?  

Here are lists of what teachers commonly assess a child on within the first month or two of starting school.  Use this information to check what your child can and cannot do and support your child at home to develop the skills and knowledge that are important when staring school.

In the 6 months before your child starts school discuss with your child's early childhood teachers how they are helping your child to reach these targets, how you can support their efforts,  and what targets your child developmentally may not be ready to reach until after starting school.  


  [  ]    Knows the names of colours
  [  ]  

Understands early mathematical words/language
- first and last
- before and after
- behind/in front of/between
- inside/outside

  [  ]    Can name and classify basic shapes e.g. circle and oval, square and rectangle
  [  ]    Can put blocks in order from the smallest to the largest
  [  ]    Able to count correctly to 10
  [  ]    Recognises some numbers up to 10
  [  ]    Can count sets of up to 5 objects



Social Skills and Behaviour

  [  ]    Is forming friendships
  [  ]  

Independently takes part in learning activities for at least 10 minutes

  [  ]    Able to follow classroom routines 



Writing and Reading

  [  ]    Looks at and uses books
  [  ]  

Can guess the content of a book from looking at the title and cover picture

  [  ]    Recognises his/her own name
  [  ]    Knows where the story starts - where to start reading
  [  ]    Uses the pictures/illustrations to work out words that are not known
  [  ]    Points to each word
  [  ]    Knows the differene between a 'letter' and a 'word'
  [ ]   Recognises some high frequency words e.g. 'the', 'I', 'and'
  [ ]    Recognises some letters
  [ ]     Holds pencil correctly 
  [ ]    Can trace over a letter or simple shape
  [ ]   Writes own name
  [ ]    Can match written words e.g. 'cat' with 'cat', 'ball' with 'ball'



Spoken/Oral Literacy

  [  ]    Shows ability to listen and be polite when others are talking
  [  ]  

Follows most of the teacher's instructions 

  [  ]    Joins in discussions with a partner, small group, and whole class 
  [  ]    Can talk confidently in front of the class
  [  ]    Hears rhyme
  [  ]    Can think of words that rhyme



Physical Skills

  [  ]    Has developed a preference for one hand - left or right
  [  ]  

Uses scissors in a controlled and co-ordinated manner 

  [  ]    Skips
  [  ]    Can jump with 2 feet together
  [  ]    Hops