For additional revenue gathering and to gain money from bank deposit interest some ECE services may charge parents a compulsory registration or enrolment fee or both!

If a service does not have a huge waiting list of children of the right age for enrolment then there is little justification for charging a registration and enrolment fee for the administration of a waiting list and recording of a child’s name.  It is incredulous that a service may charge parents as much as $50.00 and as high as $300.00 or more just to have their child accepted on a waiting list and ‘offered’ a place especially in circumstances when a service advertises for children and places regularly come up at it. 


Advice to parents

Before you pay, get it in writing that the registration/enrolment fee will be refunded should you be offered a place at another ECE service.  Check that the registration/enrolment fee will be deducted from your fees bill when your child starts – otherwise question why you are being asked to pay money for a service you have yet to receive.

Think about whether this is money you are happy to give to the service just for listing your child’s name in its pre-enrolment records and calling you to let you know when a place becomes available.

How much your ECE service receives from Government for your child per number of hours enrolled

 Financial assistance for parents and subsidies