chalk messA parent asks if she can be made to pay for a broken window at her child's centre. 

The centre says it believes her child was involved in breaking it and wants her to pay toward the cost of window replacement.  

Her child did not do it and no one saw the incident.

When other things are broken by a child, such as a toy, parents are also understood to be asked to pay for the cost of replacement


Our thoughts are:

Even if her child was responsible, and her child was not, it is unreasonable of an early childhood service to request payment for broken items, whether it is a toy or a window.    

What were the adults at the service doing when this incident is said to have happened?  If it comes down to who is at fault - perhaps the fault lies at the door of the centre for not providing adequate supervision and support.

A centre should have insurance to cover breakages.  


What are your thoughts on this? 

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Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

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