20 Hours Free ECE

The way the 20-Hours ECE funding scheme operates opens up the potential for parents to feel ripped off.  

Below is a copy a centre's fee schedule received by My ECE from a parent.

The fee for one hour on top of the 6 hour daily funded limit is $41.00. So for a child who attends 3 days a week for 7 hours a day the fee is $123.00 - yet only 3 of the 21 hours would not be covered under the 20-Hours ECE scheme.

The Ministry of Education seems in general to wait for any complaints regarding fees rather than actively checking that services are applying the 20-Hours ECE funding rules correctly and that the parents are not charged exorbitant fees to make up for any perceived shortfall in funding received. 

Would a parent paying such a fee be justified in feeling ripped off?  Your opinions please ... 

enrolment form ECE centre


Some reactions

Renee Watkinson 2015-11-12
Eeek: ripped off. Maybe this is why centers are showing a profit in the Ministry of Education survey of ECE Service expenditure and income?? Receiving funding from the MOE for the 6 hours free, then the parent fees received. That is how they make their $$$.

Krishna Dutta 2015-11-13
If MOE has allowed private for profit centres it is ridiculous to expect the centres not to actively seek profit making strategies. Further it is also important to get quality staff and required resources which is not possible to acquire with MOE's funding cut.

Shelagh Powell 2015-11-13
Day light robbery and the centre should feel ashamed charging this. Unfortunately as Renee points out this will have some bearing on stats for the Ministry of Education and indeed why some centres are making a good profit.

Debbie Willis 2015-11-13
Yes certainly ripped off!
I would be shifting providers if I had that charge for 3 hours childcare ......... Its not all services that place these outrageous charges on fees for our young families.

Natasha Lee 2015-11-19
This is a centre doing what they have to achieve the standard that they strive for. The MOE funding rate does not cover it all. And because we aren’t allowed to charge for the 6 hours being subsided, they FORCE us to put all the fee into the 7th hour. It’s a way of getting the $ they need to operate and still adhere to what they are allowed to charge for. The only way of knowing if it is a rip off would be to know what service/s the child is getting above and beyond standard for this $.

Carolina Moreno 2015-11-23