Definition of parent

For the purpose of early childhood service licensing, parents are defined as "the person (or people) responsible for having the role of providing day to day care for the child; and may include a biological or adoptive parent, step-parent, partner of a parent of a child, legal guardian or member of the child’s family, whānau or other culturally recognised family group.

Right of entry for parents

The parent of a child has a right to enter and be in a licensed early childhood service when the child is there unless the parent:

  • Is required to comply with a court order that prohibits access to, or contact with, the child (either generally or when attending the service).
  • Has been issued a warning under section 4 of the Trespass Act 1980 to stay off the premises.
  • Is suffering from a contagious or infectious disease likely to have a detrimental effect on the children if passed on to them.
  • Is, in the opinion of a person responsible for the operation of the service, under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that has a detrimental effect on the functioning or behaviour of the person; or exhibiting behaviour that is, or is likely to be, disruptive to the effective operation of the service.  (Education and Training Act 2020)

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My ECE Guide to Regulations for Early Childhood Education Services (Centres and Home-based ECE)
Prepared by Dr Sarah Alexander and Warwick Marshall

Last reviewed: 1 October 2022