1. The design and layout provides:

  • Different types of indoor and outdoor experiences.
  • Areas for physically active play.
  • Space for a range of individual and group learning experiences appropriate to the number of, ages and abilities of children.
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces for children not yet walking to lie, roll, creep, crawl, pull themselves up, learn to walk and be protected from more mobile children.
  • Spaces for quiet time.

(Note that while a separate dedicated room would be ideal, the minimum requirements do not specify the type of quiet space so the quiet space could be only a couch).


2. Design and layout allows adults to supervise children without needing to limit indoor/ outdoor access.


3. Indoor activity space is at least 2.5 square metres and outdoor activity space 5 square metres per child excluding areas unavailable for play because they are occupied by:

  • Fittings.
  • Toilet facilities.
  • Fixed equipment.
  • Stored goods.
  • Passageways, staff rooms, dedicated sleep areas for children under-two years.
  • Other areas unavailable for play.


4. Space is available for adults working at the service to:

  • Use for planned breaks.
  • Meet privately with parents and colleagues.
  • Store curriculum support materials.
  • Write child assessments, programme planning and preparation work.


5. The premises complies with relevant bylaws of the local authority and the Building Act 2004 and for any building work provides a code of compliance certificate or evidence of compliance.  (Note that compliance with the earthquake code is not stated as a minimum requirement but parents could be interested in knowing how well a centre building complies with earthquake safety standards. A centre’s location and what is located near it might also be considered for children’s safety and health such as the level of risk to children from a tsunami, earthquake strength of neighbouring buildings, an attack by a dangerous person(s) or group (e.g. if located near an embassy or prison), poor air quality, high noise level (e.g. from planes overhead), etc).


6. The premises has a current Annual Building Warrant of Fitness if requires a compliance schedule under section 100 of the building Act 2004.


7. Use of the premises complies with the Resource Management Act 1991 and:

  • Is situated on a single site.
  • Is for the exclusive use of the centre.
  • If two or more pieces of land or buildings are in use, they are immediately adjacent and connected for children to access safely.


Further Information for Parents

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

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