1. The Secretary of Education may relax or waive outdoor requirements if no child attends the centre for more than 2 hours on any one day.  (Note that if the centre allows any parent to leave their child for more than 2 hours then ask to see a copy of the Ministry of Education written exemption of an outdoor area. Centres located in gyms, shopping malls, etc. are required to have an outdoor area unless given an exemption. Outdoor areas are deemed vital for a child’s wellbeing).


2. Children’s outdoor experiences are not unduly restricted by resource consent conditions, e.g. noise levels.


3. Outdoor activity space is:

  • Connected to indoor space.
  • Easily and safely accessed by children.
  • Safe, well-drained and suitably surfaced for a variety of activities.
  • Enclosed by structures and/or fences and gates ensuring children cannot leave premises without adults knowing.
  • Available for the exclusive use of the service during operating hours.

(Note that children are known to climb fences and to wander through gates when left accidentally open. Active supervision by adults of children is important to make sure no child leaves without adults knowing. Structures and/or fences and gates should ensure no child can ‘be taken’ without an adult at the centre knowing. Under Regulation 58 a centre must ensure that no child leaves with any non-authorised person).