Enrolment records

Every service is required to keep enrolment records of all children.  The service must keep the enrolment record of a child for 7 years.  

The records must meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Education Funding Handbook and include:

  • Child’s full name, date of birth and address.
  • Name and address of at least one parent.
  • Contact details of parent or nominated person while child attending.
  • Name of medical practitioner or medical centre.
  • Details of chronic illness/condition and implications/actions.
  • People authorised by parent to collect child.
  • Court orders affecting daily care or contact with child.

Attendance records

Attendance records must be maintained for each child and kept for 7 years. 

The attendance records must Show attendance times and dates (along with meeting the Ministry of Education's requirements for funding - requirements for funding include such things as how long a service can continue to claim funding when a child is absent).

CAUTION: This page and the information here is provided as part of the My ECE Guide to Regulations for Early Childhood Education Services (The Guide).  The Guide does not purport to be a full and accurate interpretation of all statutory provisions relating to early childhood education services. While best efforts have been used in preparing this guide, no representations or warranties of any kind are made and My ECE assumes no liabilities of any kind with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the content. Please note that the Government and Ministry of Education may change, update, or alter any of the requirements at any time.  Please help to keep the information on this page up to date by letting us know of changes that need to be made. Thank you!  Kia pai te rā

My ECE Guide to Regulations for Early Childhood Education Services (Centres and Home-based ECE)
Prepared by Dr Sarah Alexander and Warwick Marshall

Last reviewed: 1 October 2022