1. Written information must let parents know how they can be involved in the centre.


2. Parents are provided with written advice on how to access:

  • Information about their child.
  • The most recent Education Review Office report.
  • Operational documents showing how daily operations are conducted, e.g. philosophy, policies, procedures.
  • Any fees charged.

(Note that centres must tell parents how they can access such information but there is no requirement to actually provide such information directly to parents or to visiting parents considering the centre for their child).

Further information. Parents must also be provided written details on how the centre’s Ministry of Education funding has been spent including the amounts.

3. Written information lets parents know about any planned reviews and consultation. (Note that as the requirements do not explain what can be classified as planned reviews and consultation this requirement may be assumed to mean that any and all changes (e.g. to staffing, to how morning-teas are organised, etc.) planned by the centre management should be communicated in writing to parents before implementation).


4. Evidence is available that shows parents and the adults who provide care and education have had opportunities to contribute to developing and reviewing operational documents.


5. Required documentation is made available as appropriate to parents and to government officials who have the right of entry to the service under section 319B of the Education Act 1989.