1. In relation to group size, a child is a person under 6-years-old and includes children of the service provider, supervisors, or staff members.


2. Up to 25 under-2s can be present unless approval is obtained for up to 75 children on condition that:

  • The centre provides exclusively for children under two years old.
  • The adult to child ratio of at least 1:5 is maintained.
  • The Secretary of Education is satisfied the children will be adequately cared for.


3. Up to 150 children aged 2 years or older can be present at one centre.


4. Up to 150 mixed aged children (under and over 2 years) can be present at one centre on condition that:

  • No more than 75 children are under-two.
  • The Secretary of Education is satisfied the children are adequately cared for and that the service is organised to reflect the different needs.

(Note that the standard of care only needs to be ‘adequate’ and the service able to show that it can provide adequate care, e.g. child is kept fed, warm, safe and clean. Parents however may seek to have more than the legally required level of adequate care, e.g. attentive and respectful care).


5. Up to 16 children can attend a centre overnight.


6. There is at least one person responsible for supervising children and adults for every 50 children (e.g. senior teacher, centre manager/director).

Additional Information in Respect to Playcentres.  To receive government funding Playcentres affiliated to the New Zealand Playcentre Association are required to have no more than 30 children in attendance at any session and all children under the age of two and a half years old must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.