1. The curriculum must support each child to be confident in their own culture and to respect other cultures.


2. The curriculum develops children’s understanding of the unique place for Māori in New Zealand as mana whenua.


3. Centres other than Kōhanga Reo provide opportunities to develop knowledge of the cultural heritage of both parties to the Treaty of Waitangi. (Note that more simply, this could mean providing opportunities for children to develop knowledge of Māori culture. However, when the Education Review Office reviews mainstream centres it usually wants to see evidence of biculturalism including use of the Māori language with children).


Further Information for Parents

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

There are many different types of services to select from. Services differ in their standards and quality. Services have different hours and fee charges. Spend some time looking around. Add your review to the service's listing page to let other parents know your findings. Read More
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