Discussing with teacher1. Adults must assess children’s learning by:

  • Noticing the learning.
  • Recognising its significance.
  • Responding in ways that fosters further learning.


2. Some of what and how mokopuna/children are learning is documented to make the learning visible and inform teaching.


3. Parents and family/whānau are provided with regular formal and informal opportunities to discuss about their child/mokopuna and this process is documented.


4. Specific evidence of learning is shared with parents and family/whānau. (Note that how often specific evidence of a child’s learning must be shared with parents is not specified in the requirements).


5. Parents and family/whānau are involved in decision-making concerning their child’s learning.


6. A process is documented for requesting assistance when required from agencies/services to support working with children and their parents and family/whānau; and Kōhanga Reo centres will seek information and guidance from Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust.  (Note that assistance from agencies includes for special education needs).