1. A written statement of philosophy must guide the centre’s operation.


2. The philosophy expresses the centre’s beliefs, values, and attitudes about providing early childhood education and care.


3. An on-going process of self-review by the people involved in the service helps maintain and improve quality of education and care.


4. Evidence is available that shows parents and the adults who provide care and education have had opportunities to contribute to developing and reviewing operational documents.


5. A documented self-review process includes a schedule showing timelines for planned review of different areas of operation and the recorded outcomes.


6. Different areas of operation to review may include, for example, learning and teaching practices, philosophy, policies, and procedures.


Additional Information: See the section on ‘Written Information to Parents’ – Centres must also let parents know about any planned reviews and consultation. As it is not explained what can be classified as planned reviews and consultation this requirement may be assumed to mean that any and all changes (e.g. to staffing, to how morning-teas are organised, etc.) planned by the centre management should be communicated in writing to parents before implementation.