1. If children travel in a motor vehicle while in the care of the service:

  • They are restrained as required by land transport legislation.
  • Required adult: child ratios are maintained.


Additional information: The legal requirements according to land transport legislation for restraining children in a vehicle include:

  • Infant restraint: birth to at least one year of age (up to13kg)
  • Convertible (baby to child) restraint: birth to approximately four years of age (up to18kgs)
  • Front-facing child restraint: about one year to approximately four years of age (9–18kg)
  • Booster seat: from approximately four years of age (18–36kg)

A child does not have to be in a restraint if travelling in a passenger service vehicle such as a bus or taxi when no appropriate child restraint is available.


2. Written approval from the parent is given:

  • Before each travel begins unless child is with their parent.
  • Upon enrolment if providing transport for children to and/or from the service.


Further Information for Parents

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Go to our directory - Find other services in your area

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