1. The design and layout of nappy changing facilities:

  • Are of safe and stable construction.
  • Ensure safety and appropriateness for the age/ weight and number of children.
  • Can be kept hygienically clean.
  • Are located in a designated area near a hand basin.
  • Are separated from play and food preparation areas.


2. Nappy changing facilities:

  • Foster children’s independence, e.g. steps to walk up, choose to stand.
  • Respect dignity and right to privacy.
  • Provide some visibility from another area of the service.
  • Ensure installation of a tempering valve or other means of limiting hot water temperature to 40 degrees.

(Note that the requirements for 'visibility' and 'privacy' appear contradictory but could be interpreted to mean that when the infant is being changed the infant should have privacy while children and adults in another area can see at a glance if an adult is in the changing area).


3. It is a health and safety requirement also for centres to have a written procedure for the changing and disposal of nappies and the procedure must:

  • Be displayed near nappy changing facilities.
  • Be consistently followed.
  • Aim to ensure safe and hygienic practices.  (Note that displaying a procedure does not guarantee it will be followed and parents can only trust that practices will be safe and hygienic practices at all times) 
  • Ensure children are treated with dignity and respect.