1. There must be at least one toilet for every 1 to 15 people (i.e. children over two and the adults making up the required minimum adult: child ratio).

2. The toilet is suitable for both adults and children.

3. At least one warm water tap and hand basin for up to 15 people of any age.

4. Warm water accessed by children is comfortable and no higher than 40 degrees.

5. A means of drying hands is provided to prevent spread of infection. (Note that although it is required that the means of drying hands prevents the spread of infection it is unlikely a centre will be able to do more than minimise the risk).


6. Toilet and hand washing facilities that are specifically intended for children’s use:

  • Are separated from play and food preparation areas.
  • Are designed and located so children capable of independent toileting can safely access without adult help.
  • Have at least one child toilet providing a sense of privacy by keeping the child out of the line of sight e.g. through use of a partition or half door.

(Note that the requirement to give children a sense of privacy when using the toilet appears to be loosely interpreted with some centres providing no more than a shower curtain that children may not know they are allowed to pull across or may not be able to pull across. Also note that a lack of privacy can discourage a child from going to the toilet).