All around us are signs - what signs can you see?

a.signsSigns can be used to tell us what to do like “stop” and “give way” on the road.

They can be used to let us know about dangers (e.g. “wet floor”) and to make announcements (e.g. “cooking at 2pm today”).

Signs can also be used to label and show the name of objects and things.

Signs can be in the form of words and shapes.

We can use our body too to make signs, such as when we give someone a pat on the shoulder for good work and use sign language to communicate.


Activity Ideas

Together design and construct some road signs for using on the outside bike/cart track.

Go for a walk to some places in your local community and do some ‘sign spotting’. Draw pictures of the signs you see and when you get back to the centre or to home staple the pictures together to make a book.

Make and draw signs for your home or centre.

Pick some simple words and together look up on the Internet or in a book on sign language how to sign the words

Make signs for common things you say to each other and have a totally silent time for an hour when everyone must sign and use signs to communicate.



Signs must be:

  • recognisable,
  • easy to understand and
  • have strong colours and clearly visible symbols.